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I’m a Medical doctor. You might know me as the Founder of Muslim Youth Programme.

And after 7 years of relentless learning and persistent effort, I’ve built the productivity and time-management systems that allow me to pursue my career as a Doctor as well as run a programme online that helps Muslims grow closer to Allah (S.W.T). Now, I want to share all that I’ve learned with you 🙂

I created MYP to help bring Islam in the everyday lives of Muslims without making them feel like it’s a burden – to make the process of getting closer to Allah S.W.T. achievable and enjoyable.

Truth is – MYP was created out of a blatant need for an online space where the 21st Century Muslims could feel that their voice was heard. It’s a commonplace for like-minded growth-oriented Muslims. 🙂



I’ll be downright honest with you about what we have to offer.

It all comes down to three things:

#1: Time-tested Material:

I spend months sweating over my material before it reaches you. That’s why you see only one piece of content every week or so. That’s why you don’t see me spending hours on every social media platform out there ranting “WORK HARDER” or “STOP BEING LAZY”.

Instead, I work hard to craft REAL solutions to your problems- problems that may seem “regular” to the common eye, but are making you miserable (for example; being a perfectionist is a casual term we like to throw around, but it adds stress on you to the point of overwhelm. How do you fix it?)

# 2: Real results from Real Muslims

I believe that without results, it’s very hard to get self-motivation consistently. So I’m literally OBSESSED with YOUR results. Results you see in your personal life give me the biggest motivation to work harder.

Here’s what some of the MYP readers have to say:

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This is just one of the emails from the hundreds of thank you emails in my inbox, Alhamdulilah.

And here’s what some of my best students from my productivity Bootcamp have to say:

After facing failures in my personal life as well as in my academics I had given up on myself. I prayed to Allah to guide me since I really had no clue what to do with my life. There where a lot of inspirational videos I could look up to…inspiring stories and books but nothing helped…. everybody taught me what to do, but the big question was How….then I don’t remember how, I found The Muslim Youth Programme. It really helped me figure out everything…and helped me to improve myself in my Deen as well as in my Dunya, to move ahead in life and stop regretting.


I’m an engineering student who is away from her family and friends. Being able to balance Deen and dunya, studying and Ibada without forgetting to leave some family time is a real challenge. And it’s even more challenging for someone who struggles with internet addiction. It was so easy for me to fall into a cycle of time wasting and guilt. I already knew that to reach my goals I had to do 2 things. Hold on to my Deen and organize my life through planning. That’s where Muslim Youth Programme helped me. That’s how I learned that I have been planning everything the wrong way, and that the overwhelming daily list of tasks was void and pointless. I had to give it a purpose for it to work… which I only realized through the Bootcamp. 


How many programs out there serve you with information packages and then— they disappear on you?


I know that working on yourself can get downright hard at times. It makes a whole lot of difference to get some emotional support from someone who’s been there. I wish I was given some a few years back. That’s why I make it my priority to reply to my readers and help them out when they get stuck.

Sometimes all it takes is a helping hand…

But ultimately, what truly sets us apart is the results from our students…

Balance deen and dunya



You are here at Muslim Youth Programme. It is the ONE place for you if you want to bring Islam into your life and LOVE the process of doing so. 🙂

It’s not a scholarly Islamopedia of knowledge-based learning.

Instead- it’s your TEST LAB- where you run experiments… to discover your true potential… to grow closer to Islam by using our tools and tactics practiced by thousands of other Muslims… and to become the 21st Century role models for the Muslims around you by first and foremost- empowering your SELF.

98% of the material created for you here will forever be free. And when we create a premium product to fund the Program, it’s our promise to you that we will be 100% honest with you. We will only create products that we believe will genuinely help you.

Welcome to Muslim Youth Programme.

I sincerely appreciate you.

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