5 Surahs for Depression Infographic-

Pearls from The Quran on Dealing with Depression

I know many of us are struggling with depression and a list of Surahs for depression would immensely help anyone going through such a phase. This infographic article is one of the first to be designed by MYP.  Instead of giving you a list of Surahs for depression, I decided to extract the nectar of these surahs, with specific ayahs that you can replay in your mind and on your tongue to  destroy the nemesis of depression. 

If you would like to know more about the  facts, causes, aspects and deletrious effects of depression, then have a look at this article.  Moreover, you can get the complete guide on dealing with depression and anxiety as Muslims here.

If you found this infographic useful, share the khaiyr with your friends/family members so that they benefit from it too Insha’Allah.

Let me know if any other Surah for depression missed the list in the comment section below!


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