7 Islamic Books in English you should have on your bookshelf

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Are you always hunting islamic books in english to read because of your huge appetite for reading? I absolutely get it. So many great Islamic books out there are not translated in english and that makes you want to pull out your hair since you are not an Arab or Urdu speaker (or prefer reading books in english) You get me?  

I figured this list would help guide you towards investing your time and money on Islamic books in english (Most of these are originally written in Urdu/Arabic but translated in Englsih) that are concrete in knowledge, authentic and reliable. Happy reading! 

7 Must-Read Islamic Books in English

Category # 1: Islamic Books in English- QURAN & SUNNAH

Tafheem-ul-Qura’n is a must-have in a Muslim household. It’s a detailed interpretation of the meanings of Quranic Ayahs. The interpretations are all backed up by hadith from various sources. The tafseer also describes the opinions of other great scholars of Islam who have studied Quran for decades. 

I believe that the translation of Qura’n is a first step to forming a relationship with the Quran.  But to understand the hidden gems behind the verses of Quran, it’s necessary to expand our minds by reading the work (tafseer) of eminent scholars and thinkers of islam. This book was originally written in urdu, but it has now been translated in english as well.


The Sealed Nectar is one of the best Islamic books in English I have ever read on the life of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) (and I believe every young Muslim should read it once every year). It is a book of great value and explains the lifestyle of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) in a beautiful manner. It’s precise, informative and comprehensively summarizes the events that occurred in the life of our beloved Prophet (S.A.W). This book was awarded first prize by the Muslim World League at worldwide competition on the biography of the Prophet (S.A.W) (yeap.. it’s that good!)


It is advisable to read one/more hadith everyday. There are numerous hadith collections that are available today alhamdulilah. The Translation of the Meanings of Sahih Al-Bukhari: Arabic-English (English and Arabic Edition) and Sahih Muslim (7 Vol. Set)are considered to be the one of the most authentic hadith reference books out there. But those are the heavy sources that mostly scholars study in great detail.

If you would like to apply lessons from our Prophet’s (S.A.W) sunnah on your everyday life, you need a comprehensive easy-to-understand hadith book. Maariful-hadith is a great hadith collection that is easy to understand and explains ahadith for a regular Muslim in a simple way.


Figh us Sunnah is yet another book about the Sunnah of our Prophet (S.A.W) that explains the basic practices of Islam in a detailed manner. It’s necessary for Muslims to know how to perform the basic practices Allah mentions in Quran such as Salah, Fasting, Zakah, and Hajj. This book goes beyond the ABC of these practices and covers the topics with concrete knowledge derived from Quran and Sunnah.  Among all the Islamic books in english, this is on my must-have-list Insha’Allah!

Category # 2: Islamic Books in English- QURAN, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY

This is among the first islamic books in english that I read on Quran and Science and I recommend it to all my brothers and sisters who are interested in comparative religion (as well as Quran & Science). It is a written by Dr. Maurice Bucaille ( French surgeon, scientist, scholar). After his comparative study of the Quran and Bible, he says that ” the statements about scientific phenomena in the Holy Quran are perfectly in conformity with the modern sciences wheres Biblical narrations on the same subjects are scientifically entirely unacceptable”.


If you are still lingering to read a book all cuddled-up in your PJs on the sofa with a mug of hot yummy coffee (in my case tea) in your hand, then I’ve got another Islamic book in english for you.  This is a book that opens another world in your mind. A beautiful world of science that was created by Muslim scientists. It’s so ironic that Muslims are labelled as ” non-scientific people which rationalize everything through emotions” , while great Muslims scientists in the past have contributed heavily to Science & Technology.

Some of those honorable names are as-Jabir, Hunayn, Al-Khwarizmi, Al-Kindi, Al-Asma’i, Al-Razi, Ibn-e-Sina, Abul Qasim, Abu Al-Hassan etc.

Category # 3: Islamic Books in English- MUSLIM WOMEN

This is another islamic book in english I recommend to all my sisters out there. It is all about the life stories of the Mothers of the believers and sixteen Prophet’s women Companions.  Among the list of Islamic books in english, this one can remind us of our role models, the pure and virtuous women of Islam, and encourage us to be more like them!

They were very active in religion as well as politics and business. They were so courageous in the battlefield, provided medical aid to the soldiers, were scholars of Islam and spread the message of Allah.

I want you to know that any book or product I mention or recommended in this post in NOT sponsored. I do NOT get a commission for any of the links aboce. These books are either the ones I have read personally, or someone I trust dearly has recommended it to me.

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Which Islamic book in english are you reading these days? Let me know in the comment section below. I would love to grow my list of Islamic books to read this year!


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