In case you’re wondering – who’s the bootstrapper behind all this…

I'm Aimen Saifullah

I’m a Doctor, currently working full-time as an online entrepreneur. And after years of relentless learning and persistent effort, I’ve built the productivity systems that allow me to pursue my dream goals while helping thousands of Muslims grow closer to Allah. 
Some of the things that bring me immense joy in life…

People, good food, the outdoors, books, creativity & teaching others what I love!

After successfully creating and launching Muslim Youth Programme while studying for post-grad exams to advance in my career as a Doctor, I quickly learned that living a balanced life as a professional Muslim was totally possible. Now, after teaching other Muslims how to become better and helping them change their habits & behaviors, I repeatedly get asked the question ‘how do you manage to do it all?’. See, although I’m all about shortcut systems and actionable tools that work… Truth is, I could give you all the secret tactics and tools, but they alone can’t bring you the inner transformations you truly want…

That’s because I’ve learned that real transformations begin with breaking past your limiting beliefs and reshaping how you think. 

I believe to get a healthy balance between all your goals, it’s necessary you say ‘No’ to more things and ‘Yes’ to only a few but the right things.

It takes discipline, hard work and skill to get to that ‘Next-Level’ of productivity where achieving sky-high goals becomes your new normal. Because when you put in the work upfront, you get disproportionate rewards.

So my job is to help you re-program your mind and break free from inner barriers of the ‘Nafs’… And then to give you the best systems, strategies and tools from Quran & Sunnah that you can use to take real action and become the exemplary Muslim you’re destined to be. 

You’ll also notice I take a stress-free, enjoyable approach to teaching practical Islam. That’s because I’ve learned (the hard way) that improving yourself from a place of ‘overwhelm’ only slows your growth and limits you from tapping into your true potential as a Muslim.

I talk about this all the time in my Signature program Balance Deen and Dunya, where I regularly coach other growth-oriented Muslims on how to stop trying to do it ‘all’ and only do the high-yield stuff that brings maximum impact in your life.  

In short, I’m all about

Cycling/ Walking 


Being outdoors in nature

Good food (anything w/ noodles) 

Deep conversations 

My tea with milk

Organizing things

Reading books & writing

Playing games with family

Listen up Go-getter!

Let’s grow together with the help of Quran and Sunnah

And learn to be..




and other cool stuff



And Hey. I really appreciate you being here. 🙂


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