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Are you Really as “Busy” as you Say you are?

Do you honestly want to start spending your time in a better way?

If you do, then follow me along in today’s video. I’m going to map out exactly how most of us spend our time on regular days.

You’ll walk with me through a few steps of finding how much of “flexible” time you’re left with at the end of the day after taking care of your responsibilities such as work and family. 

You’ll be surprised by the end of this exercise to see the amount of time you spend doing mediocre things that are just draining you of your energy (and aren’t even “fun” or worth it!).

Grab a piece of paper & a pen and get busy! 🙂

I’ve included the scripts I wrote negating the fears & emotional barriers that stood in my way of waking up early. 

By just applying this method ALONE… within 2 days I was able to finally break my habit of sleeping late and started waking up early. Remember, I had been actively trying to change my routine for 7 months.


After doing this exercise, it’s okay to feel a little shocked to see where your time is going (or not going). I know I was! :D.

But the whole point of this experiment is to have a clear vision of how we’re spending our time so we know what part(s) of our life are we neglecting the most.

Another key takeaway from this training that most people miss, is to finally get over the self-placed “busy” tags and limiting beliefs such as “I’m too busy to breathe”.

These invisible barriers that we put in our own way make it even harder for us to reach our true potential and become better Muslims.

“I’m busier than most people” – This one statement can keep you STUCK for as long as you’re using it as an “excuse” or an “escape” from putting in the work. 

It’s too easy to use the “I’m BUSY” tag and shrug off the idea of “making more time” for things that are important such as Ibadah, Islamic learning and family. But a Muslim with a truly successful mindset would think instead, “How can I make more time for things that are important to me?”

That said, it’s not at all easy to fight past these mental barriers. Keep a lookout for an email from me tomorrow. I’ll be sharing with you the four different models of time-management and the the one that will work best for you.


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