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You can build a different kind of life as a 21st Century Muslim



Today, I want to talk about the #1 most requested topic of all time:

How to manage your time as a Muslim and balance your Deen and Dunya.

I’m so excited for you because TODAY is a beautiful day to start building a balanced, successful life as a Muslim.

A life that gives you permission to spend time on yourself and your career- because now you are consistently making time for your Deen.

Where you begin your day energetic and focused and end it deeply satisfied with yourself because you were able to achieve in a SINGLE DAY that which you haven’t been able to achieve in WEEKS.
Because THAT kind of barakah has entered your day.

Where you are in control of the way you spend your time. Not your wandering mind. Not Shaytan pulling the strings of your Nafs. But YOU.

Because now you’re actually finishing everything that you need to do in a day, even when you don’t want to do it. Because THAT kind of discipline has now entered your day.

And motivation? Oh, you are brimming with energy. You wake up excited for a new day and set a greater challenge for yourself than yesterday. Why? Because you know you can do it.

I know. It all sounds too good to be true.

But I’m here. And I’m telling you this: it’s absolutely possible.

That’s because if I can do it, you can too.

So what did I do that helped me find the time to:

1. Grow closer to Allah S.W.T by dedicating time consistently to my Deen- Islam 

2. Continue pursuing Medicine (my career of choice); take multiple post-grad exams and work as a Doctor while growing MYP to thousands of monthly readers

3. Have deep conversations and lots of fun with my family every day while doing all of that (because family is everything)

4. Work on my SELF- develop better eating habits, exercise regularly, read my favorite books, and above all- do nothing but RELAX for a few hours everyday

5. Make a bigger impact by helping Muslims from all around the globe with my online platform, aka… Muslim Youth Programme

MYP-Library of free downloads that I’ve created to help my readers overcome the barriers of “Nafs” by taking practical action steps.

This is what Allah S.W.T has blessed me with: A chance to help other Muslims like me take action on their goals and grow closer to their purpose of life.

But I wasn’t always like this. 7 years ago when I was drowning under the study of Medicine, I would sleep every day with an overbearing sense of guilt.

I’d think that I was a horrible Muslim who was spending so much time running after her goals in this Dunya (in my case- ‘career’).

I wasn’t able to pray all 5 prayers on time or read Quran consistently and felt quite estranged from Islam.

Now, I’ve found the time to stay spiritual, work as a Doctor, and even build a platform that helps thousands of Muslims better themselves. Alhamdulillah.

And it wasn’t ‘doing everything’… It wasn’t just ‘working harder’ that got me here. I experimented with all kinds of time-saving techniques and began assembling parts of a system.

And using that system, with the help of Allah S.W.T, I (finally) got rid of the habits that were destroying my productivity- procrastination, daydreaming, and laziness- once and for all.
Today I get more things done in a day than I previously could in a week. And over time, I even started to save hours from a day to have “ME-time”.

That’s when I started getting asked this question a lot “How do you manage to do all these things in a day?” It made me realize that I was managing my time better than most Muslims who weren’t even working.

And to double-check whether I had just gotten ‘lucky’, I tested a small part of the system on all kinds of Muslims… people of different ages, countries, careers, and intellects!

This is what happened when my students applied only one tiny part of the system that I’m going to teach you:

My biggest take away is to have action on goals and not goal achieving mind. And I love how you laid every step I really needed… simple and effective steps to take control of myself and my life, with Allah’s permission. I have been feeling lost and unfulfilled for the last year and so. My quest to [search] for a simple and effective plan led me to your videos– DAH

Assalam aleakum, your goal setting formula has really change a lot in my life since I started following it. May Allah reward you in this word and the hereafter– FATAI

BALANCING TIME AS A 21ST CENTURY MUSLIM- Straight Truth About Time Management

Starting today, I’m going to teach YOU how to balance your time between all your Deen and Dunya-related goals.

Not by applying random time-management tips picked off the internet or using the latest ‘productivity apps’ to help you stop procrastinating.

Instead, we’re going to create the much-needed balance in our day by using:

  • The exact time-management strategies, frameworks and tactics that work for you (even if you’re someone who’s working 2 jobs)
  • Daily systems to “prioritize” your tasks and get things DONE.
  • Advanced strategies to discipline your Nafs so you can complete goals you’ve started, start goals you’ve been putting off for a long time and do things you ‘should’ be doing even when you don’t want to (these strategies have deep psychology baked into them)
  • In-depth solutions to all time-wasting problems such as “procrastination” and “laziness” (that are derived from the Quran and Sunnah)




Because TIME is at the HEART of true success according to Allah S.W.T.

There are PLENTY of Islamic sites out there teaching you the Tafseer of the Quran, Sunnah, Arabic, Fiqh etc. Why aren’t you studying from them and changing yourself? 

There’s BayyinahTV, Qalam Institute, UnderstandQuran, IOU and so many other great Islamic platforms teaching us Quran. 

Then why don’t you have a great connection with the Quran? Why don’t you have a great connection with Allah S.W.T? 

I’ve observed that we don’t need more informational sources of Quranic Tafseer to grow closer to our Deen and Allah S.W.T.  

Because no matter how many sources exist- if you don’t make time for them, they won’t benefit you.  

And for most of us- making time for our goals is the most difficult thing to do. 

Take another example– Prophet S.A.W had a deep meaningful relationship with his family. 

If there are so many authentic sources of Sunnah and Hadith on relationships and family, why don’t you have an open communication with your family? 

We all agree that every relationship takes work. Whether it’s with Allah S.W.T, your mom, your spouse or your friend.  

But what we forget is that- to give these relationships the best chance to work, you need to invest TIME.  

Do you have a friend to whom you say Salaam every now and then but don’t really stay in touch with? That’s fine. Because you don’t care much about developing a deep meaningful relationship with that person.  

But you care about your connection with Allah S.W.T. That’s why you’re here.

Then how can we expect to have a really close relationship with The Almighty Allah if you don’t make time for Allah S.W.T? 


Allah has defined success in many different Ayahs in the Quran attributing success to different acts of Ibadah. But at the heart of success is one fleeting object- time.

Look at this ayah: 

He has succeeded who purifies the soul, and he has failed who corrupts the soul. [Surah Ash-Shams 91: Ayahs 9-10]

Even the purification of soul requires >> Time. Doesn’t happen overnight.


In Surah al-Asr we are told:
By time, Indeed, mankind is in loss, Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience” [103:1-3].

Notice that in Surah Asr, Allah swears by time. And when Allah swears by something in the Quran, it means it’s SERIOUSLY important.  

But let’s dig a little deeper- Why does Allah S.W.T swear by time? And that too, right before He tells us about the 4 criteria of entering in Jannah and being successful?  

Obviously, Allah S.W.T is telling us that to have the slightest chance of following these criteria and making your way to Jannah, you need to make the best possible use of the biggest asset you’re given: TIME.  

And the much emphasis is because that asset is running out. Al-Asr: it literally means “Time that is running out” or The last part of time”. (Notice how Salat-al-Asr is during the last part of the day.)    

Truth is- it’s the only matter in this world that once gone, never comes back and that nobody can control or manage in the literal sense.

In another Ayah, Allah says:  

“Successful are the believers…those who stay away from lughw (things which waste time)” (Surah Mu’minoon 23:1 & 3)

Notice that He (S.W.T) is again associating “time” with “success”. He’s telling us that if we want to be successful Muslims, we better stay away from all things that waste our time- Lughw.  

In Surah Al-Imran He talks about patience, consistency and perseverance and how they are prerequisites to success.
Because even though a Muslim can do good deeds once in a while, the real challenge is doing them consistently. For that we’ll need patience & perseverance.  And all three- patience, perseverance and consistency are by-products of time.  

And although it has always seemed harder for millennial Muslims to even dream of living a balanced life like the Prophet S.A.W and his companions, counter-intuitively, it’s never been easier for 21st century Muslims than it is today.

Yes, you read that right.




I remember I was ready to throw away even the thought of making time for my Deen at one point. I was so deeply frustrated with my relentless efforts to do everything I wanted to do in life as a Muslim, but getting nothing done.

So I’d finally settle on “there’s something wrong with me”.   

But when I looked around, I saw pains similar to my own. And for one brief moment, I would feel a sense of relief wash over me- I was not alone. 

Motivated again, I would go back to watching some more inspirational videos, downloading time-management apps and following the “Perfect routine” I had picked off the internet. And for a few days- life would be seemingly perfect.

I was organized, working out, learning about Islam regularly, praying on time and giving a solid 2 hours to Quran everyday. I was managing my time the best I could. I would be proud.  

Then inevitably this would happen>> A small bump- an unconventional interruption, a sudden change of environment or an exam- and all my artisanally designed “PLAN” would fall apart. Like a wave of tsunami, a feeling of helplessness and INTENSE frustration would sweep away my “PERFECT DAY” and I would succumb back to binging shows.

This was my “Perfect Plan” from 6 years ago. (This page is taken from one of my old diaries)

Notice how I stopped following the plan “altogether” after some time. After all, can you blame me? 😀
And I wasn’t the only one. 

We would read up topics like: Time Management Tips. Work/ life Balance. Deen and Dunya. Productivity Hacks.

The problem was this: 

The secular productivity gurus would tell you all about apps, hacks, secret time-management methods & tactics. 



Then why did I feel like there was more to the story?

What about Nafs? And Shaytan?

I remember watching a Ted Talk about procrastination in which the guy said: “There’s an instant gratification monkey in your head that makes you procrastinate”. I laughed out loud at that. 😀

Really? A MONKEY? That’s the best they could do?

The “more scientific” secular productivity gurus had a really predictable approach. They would spend decades just trying to find the cause of all these internal human struggles and finally settle on THE BRAIN. 

Anything that’s difficult to figure about the human psyche- make it about the brain. *scoff*

But Muslims had bigger fish to fry. We already KNEW the cause. It was Shaytan and our Nafs. Our belief system made that easy for us.  

So I knew only relying on these modern productivity techniques was not going to be enough. I’d go back to deep-diving into the ocean of knowledge. I would spend hours looking up “Islamic duas for productivity”. Or “Time management in Islam”.  

I’d find material on “the importance of time in the Quran”. 

Thing is– I wasn’t looking for material on the importance of time! I ALREADY KNEW the importance- that’s why I was looking to manage my time better in the first place! *F-R-U-S-T-R-A-T-I-O-N*

I’d find motivational quotes from Ibn- Qayyim, Ayahs and ahadith, and they would get me all motivated. But it wouldn’t be long before I’d swing back to my old ways. 

All this time, I was learning.


# 1 I realized that information alone COULD never be enough to make the best use of my time.

If it was, why were we still stuck? We can get all the information we need today in a blink.

Because like the psychologist BJ FOGG says, if information alone was enough, all of us should be able to change our behavior easily.

Nobody wants to procrastinate. 

Nobody wants to be lazy and unmotivated. 

Above all, nobody really wants to waste time.

We just don’t know how to change our behavior.  


# 2 Despite the fact that the internet was OVERLOADED with information, it was also missing a key ingredient: how?

How could I apply all of that information to my personal life?? What worked for someone else might not work for me.


# 3 I decided that there had to be a way that combined the modern productivity techniques with the belief system of a Muslim.

A system that “weaved” the psychology of Nafs into the scientific time-management info.  

And that’s exactly what I did.

I didn’t want to make an encyclopedia full of productivity tips and methods!  

I spent hundreds of hours just studying the invisible psychological barriers- the limiting beliefs that were shaping our actions (or the lack thereof). But more on that later. 

I dug deeper into the WHY of all our problems. I took the Doctor’s approach of “DIAGNOSING” the underlying cause of our shackles.   

Did I figure out “a magic formula” or made a “groundbreaking discovery”? Of course not. But I did learn what I needed to know about the missing ingredient: how 

I started testing a portion of that information by creating practical tools that would help my readers in everyday life.

And overtime strange unexpected things started happening: those methods actually started working!!

I couldn’t believe it. I started receiving emails like “I feel like you’re reading my mind”  

There was no greater feeling than knowing that my material was changing the lives of other Muslims.

I have painstakingly compiled all that I’ve learned about time management from my 7 year-long experimenting, 9-months of deep psychological dives, and 2500+ hours of time & energy invested in the making of this system. 

And now I want to share all that I’ve learned- with you.





I want to show you what’s important and what’s not. Where to start and what to do next. So what if you don’t have any major goals in life? I want to show you how to find the confidence and purpose to live a meaningful life even without any “big” goals.




You have goals and dreams you want to follow in this Dunya? I want to show you how to create the flexibility to follow your career in Dunya without losing connection to Allah S.W.T periodically.




I want to help you find the sense of self-satisfaction that can only come if you’ve spent your day in a way that you’re actually proud of.


I’ll be downright honest with you about what we have to offer:

It all comes down to three things:


#1: Time-tested Material:

I spend months sweating over my material before it reaches you. That’s why you see only one piece of content every now and then.

That’s why you don’t see me spending hours on every social media platform out there ranting “WORK HARDER” or “STOP BEING LAZY”.

Instead, I work hard to craft REAL solutions to your problems- problems that may seem “regular” to the common eye, but are making you miserable (for example; being a perfectionist is a casual term we like to throw around, but it adds stress on you to the point of overwhelm. How do you fix it?) 


# 2: Real results from Real Muslims

I believe that without results, it’s very hard to get self-motivation consistently. So I’m literally OBSESSED with results. Results you see in your personal life give me the biggest motivation to work harder. 

Here’s what my some of my students have to say:



And here’s what some of my best students from my productivity Bootcamp have to say:

This Bootcamp helped me take the ‘First Steps’ towards my goals and trust me the first steps are always the hardest. Each Video in the Bootcamp helps you understand where you are lacking behind and how to overcome the problem. I was so lazy [in] doing simple day to day activities and I just [didn’t] have any motivation and I didn’t even know where exactly I [was] wrong. This Bootcamp helped me understand the problem and helped [me] in making goals. Alhamdulillah I am starting to achieve my goals now. Everybody tells you to be more productive and active and nobody says How to do it and trust me this Bootcamp is the answer for that question.

I am a 27 yrs old woman who suffers from a chronic illness since birth… with that came depression and anxiety ( I was missing out on a lot due to hospital stays and self doubt). For the last 10 years since I left school I have had no confidence to do anything for myself (studying,career) I would make ‘plans’ to do so every year, but nothing would come of them!

Since doing your course [bootcamp] I have gained confidence and also planned efficiently to do an Islamic course for beginners! I start on November 3rd In’Sha’Allah! I am nervous as anything but In’Sha’Allah I WILL NOT BAIL!!! After this In’Sha’Allah I plan to continue and reach my goal which is to teach children Islam!

Allah helped [me] by giving me your knowledge, wisdom and kindness which lead on to give me some sort of purpose and joy in life again! For this I will never know how to repay you! All I have are duas for you.


# 3: Honest support

How many programs out there serve you with information packages and then— they disappear on you?


I know that working on yourself can get downright hard at times. But it makes a whole lot of difference to get some emotional support from someone who’s been there. I wish I was given the support I needed a few years back. That’s why I make it my priority to reply to my readers and help them out when they get stuck.

Sometimes a helping hand is all we need…


Aimen is the kindest, sweetest and the most helpful person you’ll ever meet. I can never thank her enough. I’m a very shy and reserved person but with her I feel I can share my problems.


Ultimately, what truly sets us apart is the results from our students.


I’m an engineering student who is away from her family and friends. Being able to balance Deen and dunya, studying and Ibada without forgetting to leave some family time is a real challenge. And it’s even more challenging for someone who struggles with internet addiction. It was so easy for me to fall into a cycle of time wasting and guilt. I already knew that to reach my goals I had to do 2 things. Hold on to my Deen and organize my life through planning. That’s where Muslim Youth Programme helped me. That’s how I learned that I have been planning everything the wrong way, and that the overwhelming daily list of tasks was void and pointless. I had to give it a purpose for it to work… which I only realized through the Bootcamp.






You are here at Muslim Youth Programme. It is the ONE place for you if you want to bring Islam into your life and LOVE the process of doing so.

It’s not a scholarly Islamopedia of knowledge-based learning.

Instead- it’s your TEST LAB- where you run experiments… to discover your true potential… to grow closer to Islam by using our tools and tactics practiced by thousands of other Muslims… and to become the 21st Century role models for the Muslims around you by first and foremost- empowering your SELF.


98% of the material created for you here will forever be free. And when we create a premium product to fund the Program, it’s our promise to you that we will be 100% honest with you. We will only create products that we believe will genuinely help you. 

Welcome to Muslim Youth Programme.

I sincerely appreciate you.   

Founder and CEO


First step- write all of your pending goals that you’ve either started and left midway or never started- Get really specific.

Use this worksheet to write down all the goals you want to achieve and the time-sucking habits you want to get rid of. I’ve also attached a cheatsheet as an example.

Nobody is looking over your shoulder so be as specific with the details as you can. This is for yourself. Soon, I’ll be showing you how to stop wasting your valuable time every day and achieve all of those pending goals that I know you want to so badly. 

And if you want to, you can share your worksheet with me by writing me  an email. I read every single response.

DON’T FORGET TO CHECK YOUR INBOX: Over the next few days– I’ll be sending you brand new videos, worksheets, instant downloads and next-level strategies for managing your time. I’m talkin’ the kind of material you’ve never seen before. 😉

Remember- you CAN build a different kind of life as a 21st Century Muslim. One that gives you the flexibility, the freedom and the peace of mind to follow your dreams for Dunya and Akhirah.

I’ve put together some of my very best material on time management for you but before I send you more of it, get started with this worksheet>>>


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