Honorable Women in The Quran and Powerful Lessons from their Lives for Muslim Women

The women mentioned in the Quran can be divided into three main categories;

1. The honorable women that serve as guides and role models for all Muslim women.

2. The women which are mentioned for the sake of coherence between passages of a story with little significance as an individual character.

3. The evil and wicked women in the Quran are mentioned to provide a moral lesson for the reader.

In the infographic  below, 5 honorable women in the Quran are described in detail along with the lessons that can be learned from their life stories and remarkable personal values.

The 5 women mentioned in detailed are not the only honorable women in the Quran. The rest of the noble female characters are named at the bottom of the infographic.

To download the PDF version of the Infographic that contains links of all Quranic references, click on the button below!

To download the PDF file of the Infographic, click on the button below!

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To download the PDF file of the Infographic, click on the button below!

Which one of the noble women in the Quran is your role model? Let me know in the comments below!


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