Using the S.E.T System

[The result-based system of SELF, ENERGY & TASK Management for maximizing productivity & balancing time]

What if you could MULTIPLY & GROW your time, get BIG things done ABOVE and BEYOND your expectations and still be able to spend time doing things you WANT to do in life?

I want you to take a moment and imagine how different your life would be, if you could:



Stretch your time and add more hours to the day. You are now able to do things you really want to do besides the regular things that you have to do. You constantly feel the growth in your time as a result of the special spiritual ingredient called Barakah! 



Use simple brain tricks that put an end to overthinking and procrastination. Say goodbye to procrastination and get seriously committed to work on your goals, habits or plans. Shove aside all excuses and take on responsibility confidently. Continually step out of your comfort zone and take meaningful steps towards working on your long-forgotten goals. 



Throw overwhelm out of the window, easy your anxiety over achieving goals and work calmly and diligently without always carrying the burden of worry on your shoulders. 



Authentically plan your time as well as tasks.  You know what you’re doing and have created a system of planning that suits your personal style and needs. 



Motivate yourself to get up and get things done consistently. No more laziness and moping around. No more dragging yourself everyday to do things you have to do. Because now you understand the dynamics of your physical, mental and spiritual energy and handle it in a smart way 😉 You are a productivity powerhouse! *woah* 



Have the self-discipline required to fight against your NAFS and put an end to constantly wasting your precious time.  You are able to eliminate all time wasters such as social media, oversleeping, excessive socializing.. all the not-so-important things that consume your time currently.  



Apply REAL techniques (that work) to FOCUS your mind on the task at hand. Your method of intense focus saves up more than half of your time as you get things done in wayy less time than ever before. *my my*



Let go of obsessive perfectionism and still get things done beautifully without obsessing over the finest details. 



Never miss your Salah because of “work overload” or everyday responsibilities. Schedule your time so well that you are able to take time out to gain Islamic Education on a regular basis.  



Take control of your life and balance your time across different roles in life. You are able to live a balanced lifestyle according to the Quran and Sunnah, something that most young Muslims aren’t willing to work on. 




I can hear what you’re thinking..

.. All of that sounds too good to be true, right?


You can get TRUE SUCCESS as a Muslim simply by mastering your S.E.Ts...

I want to introduce you to my incredibly simple practice of Time Stretch: The S.E.T System.

We believe that the only REAL way to stretch your time is through the best possible management of your SELF, ENERGY and TASKS (S.E.T).

And when you do that… guess what will attach itself to your time? Barakah. 

If you can master discipline over your SELF (Nafs), understand and utilize your physical, mental & spiritual ENERGY in the best possible way and get all your TASKS done with efficiency, you can grow your time on a daily basis by adding the special spiritual ingredient of growth: BARAKAH. 


That’s why, rather than teaching you how to “manage time” by giving you a few tools and techniques, our signature program is handcrafted into a unique system that is based on the S.E.T Principle.


In this signature course, we will give you ALL the hand-on tools you need to manage each of the 3 essential components of the S.E.T system. 




Here’s the thing…

We have grown up believing the ubiquitous quote by Benjamin Franklin, “Time is Money”.


According to the Quran- Time is NOT money. 


Time is also NOT something you can get hold of and “manage”, realistically speaking. 


Your time IS your LIFE.




Time management has been turned into a myth by many, and overcomplicated by others. It doesn’t have to be confusing or overwhelming.


That’s exactly what makes our signature Program so special… We have pared it down to only the most important and game-changing details.



This result-based, content-rich program will give you the equation to “solve the mystery of time” and generate real (and substantial) results in your personal life.



And the best part is… By using this system, you will be saving yourself YEARS worth of time, effort and stress as I’ve done the homework for you. No more frustrated attempts at applying “vague time management tips” you find somewhere on the internet… only to end up even more frustrated! Trust me, I get it.

Get this- The S.E.T system alone is the condensed nectar of 4 years of research, passionate work, experience, testing, tweaking, and creating.


What's included, you ask?






Different models of time management

Relationship between spirituality & time

Importance of time according to Quran


How our role models managed their Time 

The booster effect of Barakah on time


Practical sources of Barakah for Time-Stretch


Self-Analysis & Evaluation

Establishing the roots of self-discipline

The Knowledge-Intention-Action Bridge

Beating procrastination-the power of NOW

Eradicating the concept of perfectionism

Recognizing Internal and External sources of distractions & Eliminating them 

Powering-up your Focus   


Types of physical, mental and spiritual energy

Variations between energy states in 24 hours

Motivational Energy and its sources


The cycle of self-motivation

The  GO-system (Motivation + consistency)

The STOP-system (Self-control + Willpower)

Physical fitness (nutrition, sleep & exercise) for becoming a productivity powerhouse

Eliminating negative energy + anxiety for efficiency


Constructing a planning & scheduling system acc. to personal style & needs

Mastering the art of Prioritization

Methods for achieving Long-term and short-term goals

Modern techniques + tools for task execution

Developing next level organizational skills 

How and when to Delegate + Outsource tasks



So, what are the perks of signing up to the V.I.P waiting list?

1. You will get first access to the course as soon as it launches.

2. We will open doors for a pre-launch sale (with a steep discount on the main price- upto 50%!) for our first batch of students. The people who have signed up to the V.I.P waiting list will be given the offer to get access to the course during the pre-sale period.

3. And that’s not all… During this pre-launch period, for our first batch of students we will be offering access to a private mentorship group. You will be a part of our private facebook “Ambassadors group” where you will have instant access to me and can ask all the questions you might have regarding the course content. You will also be able to communicate with our other students and form a buddy/ support system. 

4. You want bonuses? You got ’em. You will also get access to the EARLY BIRD BONUSES we will be offering!


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